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Learn to fly South Florida

About ATA Flight School
ATA Flight School was founded in 2000 and has operated continuously, serving student pilots throughout South Florida. Our school is based at North Perry Airport, in Pembroke Pines, FL - the perfect location for students to begin training in aviation. With 4 runways and easy access to the coast, Florida Keys and minutes from the designated training areas, North Perry is unique in that it can offer students everything they need, in one central location.

Whether you are looking to be a recreational pilot, or pursue a profession in aviation, ATA Flight School has the program that you are looking for. We offer courses for Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine ratings.

In our ciricculum, we incorporate plenty time to just fly and enjoy the experience. Our philosophy is to teach students solid fundimentals of flying, while making things fun & enjoyable. We want to inspire you to fly - just as we have been inspired!

Where Can You Fly with ATA Flight School
We take our students on "cross-country" flights to the Florida Keys, where you can land and have lunch on the beach before returning. We also can fly to the Bahamas, where you can get away from the hustle of South Florida and relax in paradise. Other flights include trips to the West Coast of Florida & even the attractions in Orlando! The sky is the limit!

Services offered by ATA Flight School
Because each student's needs are different, we offer a vast array of services including:

  • Pilot Instruction
  • Aircraft Rentals
  • Sight Seeing (we call it Flightseeing!)
  • Short Trips
  • Discovery Flights
  • International Students
  • Dinner Trips
  • Bahamas Certificates
  • Bi-Annual Review
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Ground School
  • Aerial Photography
  • Aircraft Ferry
  • More!

ATA Flight School Success Stories
Many of our students & instructors have gone on to become professional pilots in the airline industry! Below are just a handful of the ATA Flight School Success Stories:

Anthony Punziano Anthony Milett
US Air Force UPS
Shane Vaun Ralph Esposito
BahamasAir BahamasAir
Edward Pardo Brad Paluch
FedEx AirFrance
Carmine Punziano Benjamin Carenton
  Mike Davis
Gulfstream Gulfstream
Jim Obrien Dominick Clark
Tropic Aero Florida Coastal
Keith Borden Nelson Hernandez

Other Notable Students:

  • Leo Rodgers - Bohemian Police Force, Airwing
  • Jorge Molina-Rocca - Avianca
  • Andres Romberg - Avianca
  • Dragos Negrut - Peidmont Airlines
  • Jason Kelsow - Chautauqua Airlines

Learn More & Get Started!
Ready to take the next step to start your flight training, or just have some questions? Use the form below and we will be more than happy to help!



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