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About ATA Flight School
ATA Flight School offers all students a friendly, one-on-one training environment to learn how to fly, and your flight training will be tailored specifically to your needs. At ATA, our students have many options available and training flexibility that are simply not available from large flight schools. Whether you want to get your license in 30 days, or over many months, ATA Flight School can help!

Below are some short descriptions of the courses that ATA Flight School offers to every student, click the links for more in-depth information and pricing.

Cessna 150 & 172  Private Pilot Course
Earn your Private Pilot License (PPL) in a Cessna 150 or Cessna 172, two of the safest and most popular aircraft ever built, and some of the most affordable to fly! The Private Pilot Certification Course allows you to use the airplane for your pleasure, recreation, or business trips, as well as carry passengers.

Each course is exactly the same, but we offer different aircraft to suit your needs and budget. For specific information and pricing on each course, click the images below.

Learn to fly South Florida Cessna Flight Training


High Performance / Complex Certification
Once you have already received for PPL, you can continue to advance your skills with ATA Flight School by earning your High Performance & Complex Endorsements. Read more about our High Performance & Complex Endorsement training.


Multi-Engine Rating in South Florida
ATA Flight School's Multi-Engine Rating will extend your Private or Commercial Pilot License to include multi-engine privledges. Twice the engines really are twice the fun. Read more about our Multi-Engine Rating training.


Bahamas Flight Certification
Escape US airspace and enjoy the freedom of being able to fly to the islands of the Bahamas with ATA Flight School's Bahamas Certification. Read more about how easy it is to receive your Bahamas Certification.


Commercial Pilot Certification
Turn your hobby into a career by earning your Commercial Pilot Certification with ATA Flight School. As a Commercial Pilot, you may act as Pilot In Command (PIC) of an airplane, carry passengers and/or cargo while being paid for your services! Read more about Commercial Pilot Certification training.


Tail-Wheel Endorsement
At ATA Flight School we love to share our experience with every pilot, including the challenge of "traditional" landing gear (tail-wheel) aircraft. Like all of our courses, we make it exciting & fun! Learn more about our Tail-Wheel Endorsement training.


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